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Got questions?

Why not just hire a team, a freelancer, or an agency instead?

You're sharp for asking! And you might have already sensed the answer...

Even in Portugal, the total cost of keeping a full-time senior-level marketing designer on your payroll can drain over $60,000 from your wallet annually.

Freelancers? Well, you better have a rabbit's foot for luck, finding a top-tier one available and untangling the legal mess. Agencies?

They have their charm, but when it comes to marketing design or product launches, they're not the holy grail.

With us, you call the shots. Pause and play with your subscription like it's a high-stakes game.

You get top-tier talent only when you need it. It's like having a superhero on speed dial, ready to swoop in when you signal. β˜‡πŸš€

How can you promise such a fast delivery?

Because you're rolling with the big alpackas, talent with a whopping 10+ years of pure expertise.

If you've been around the block, you know the score – it takes 10,000 hours of sweat and hustle to become a damn master.

And to top it off, we're turbo-charged by our "meetings-are-a-waste-of-time" policy, our asynchronous mojo, and our slick "Direct Task to Work" method.

It's like having a freakin' efficiency dream team.

Can you do website design?

Sorry, but we don't mess with that branding or concept stuff.

We're your go-to for those daily marketing design cravings or cooking up some mouthwatering product launch assets.

High-converting landing pages, sales pages, or giving your website a fresh lick of paint? That's also ok.

Can i really cancel anytime?
Yes, no problem, pause or cancel anytime, no worries.
How do i submit my requests?

Once your approval is granted, you will gain access to your private Trello board.

You can effortlessly upload as many requests as you require.

If i donΒ΄t like the proposal, can i change it?
Certainly, we'll incorporate your feedback, return your request to the "doing stage," and once it's completed, we'll notify you for approval.
I own several business, can i use one subscription for all?

Absolutely, that's all good. Just keep in mind, we're tackling one request at a time, full throttle.

But hey, if you wake up one day and crave more power or speed, go ahead and toss in another subscription for however long you need.

It's like customizing your rocket for the journey.

2023 - Nasty Alpacka

Nasty Alpacka is a product from the innovative team at Nasi Goreng (formerly 27brand studio) born at University of Coimbra's award wining incubator -  IPN