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Quit the freelancer hunt or agency overpayments for straightforward needs. One subscription, all the digital talent you need.

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 Senior talent,  fast delivery - one flat monthly fee

Each Alpacka brings over a decade of expertise in the digital realm and has collaborated with both small businesses and market leaders.
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Who is it for?

Create or boost your digital team

If your digital content needs fluctuate throughout the year or you don't have the budget or requirement for a full-time, in-house digital team, we've got you covered.
  • E-com & SaaS
  • Internal Marketing or Design Teams
  • Info Product Solopreneurs
  • Service-Based Businesses
WhAT requests can we deliver?

Unwavering quality, feels magic!

Effortlessly conquer your daily digital media needs, from social media graphics, to drips, newsletters & more.

  • Infographics
  • Social media carrossel
    & posts design
  • Youtube thumbnails
  • Webinar presentations
  • Pitch decks
  • Facebook & instagram digital ads
  • Website graphics
  • Blog graphics
  • Newsletters
  • & more


Get your request done within 48h

Access senior talent that understands what you want done and delivers speed without compromising quality.

  • Subscribe to a plan and log in into you client board.
  • Upload as many digital media requests as you'd like.
  • We get to work, handling one request at a time.
  • Receive your request the same day or within 48h.
  • Aprove it (or provide feedback and we´ll revise it)

Why wouldn't i just hire?

Zero freelancer or hiring headaches

Hiring doesn't solve short-term needs or workloads, and sourcing top-tier freelancers is legally complex, painful and time-intensive.

  • Get immediate access to talent who has done it before.

Why Nasty Alpacka? 

I founded Nasty Alpacka to smash through the barriers of rapid digital media needs.

When my previous venture exploded, our demand for digital media went through the roof.

But digital agencies? They excel in long client relations, branding and concepts, not our straightforward needs.

Freelancers? A maze of obstacles, including legal.

Hiring full-time? A slog, not a sprint.

Enter Nasty Alpacka Subscription – Senior talent for your straightforward digital needs.

No more drag, enter growth! 

João Machado

Nasty Alpacka

Joao is a true serial entrepreneur, that loves to share with the community what he learned from his fantastic experience and from his masters.

Very talented speaker and community creator, with whom we are always learning!

J Basilio Simões
Serial Entrepeneur
and Angel Investor

João is a very unique person. He is a natural serial entrepreneur.

João is probably the best person that I know of in terms of digital marketing and building communities. 

He is special, someone I pay a lot of attention, always eager to learn from him. 

João Diogo Ramos
Ceo at Retmarker

Simple, transparent, no contracts you can cancel anytime.

Choose a plan that's right for you

Nasty Alpacka is most effective for straightforward needs or to provide momentary support for your digital team



$2495 for one month

*Bookings open for November, grab our early bird pricing before October 27th!

  • Upload all the requests you need, we´ll serve them one at a time.

  • Delivered up to 48h (monday to friday).

  • Unlimited brands or users.

  • Credit card payment, no contracts.

  • Pause or cancel anytime.



$27,000 for the entire year

*Bookings open for November, grab our early bird pricing before October 27th!

  • Upload all the requests you need, we´ll serve them one at a time.

  • Delivered up to 48h (monday to friday).

  • Unlimited brands or users.

  • Credit card payment, no contracts.

  • Pause or cancel anytime.

If you are looking for a more conceptual/branding approach we recommend Offmenu.

Got questions?

Why not just hire a team, a freelancer, or an agency instead?

Great question! And you might already have an inkling of the answer...

Even in Portugal, the total annual cost of a two-person full-time senior-level digital team can easily exceed $100,000.

Freelancer? Good luck finding a top-tier one available and navigating the legal complexities.

An agency? They're great, but not always the ideal choice for straightforward daily needs – usually the ones that generate revenue.

With our monthly plan, you have the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription as needed, ensuring you only pay for talent when you have work that needs their expertise.

Confident about your requirements and looking for speed of execution?

Opt for the annual plan – it's an absolute game-changer!

How can you promise such a fast delivery?

We focus on combining your everyday digital media needs with over 10 years of expertise.

If you're experienced in your field, you understand the value of 10,000 hours of practice.

Additionally, our efficiency is enhanced by our no-meeting policy, asynchronous approach, and DTW (Direct Task to Work) method.

Do you offer website creation in your services?

Sorry but we don't offer services for branding or conceptual work. Our focus is on providing high-quality and speedy assistance for straightforward needs.

We would be great for tasks such as crafting new images or graphics for your existing website.

Uploading various requests you could use our services to create an high-converting landing page, constructing an entire website is too far fetched.

Can i really cancel anytime?
Yes, no problem, pause or cancel anytime, no worries.
How do i submit my requests?

Once your approval is granted, you will gain access to your private Trello board.

You can effortlessly upload as many requests as you require.

If i don´t like the proposal, can i change it?
Certainly, we'll incorporate your feedback, return your request to the "doing stage," and once it's completed, we'll notify you for approval.
As your founder is from Portugal, can i upload requests in Portuguese?

You can request assets in any language, as long as you provide the text. Regarding work description requests, we recommend uploading them in English.

Our team is decentralized, and your request might be assigned to a member who doesn't speak Portuguese.

I own several business, can i use one subscription for all?

Absolutely, there's no issue with that. Please be aware that we will focus on one request at a time.

If you realize later on that you require more work capacity or speed, feel free to add another subscription for the duration you need.

2023 - Nasty Alpacka

Nasty Alpacka is a product from the innovative team at Nasi Goreng (formerly 27brand studio) born at University of Coimbra's award wining incubator -  IPN